Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Been away for awhile...kinda got caught up in a whirlwind. Stopped to breathe today...watched the sunset. Smiled at some old memories. Cried at some others. This journey is at the same time sublime and bitter. In the recognition of time passing, you realize that....it's passing. Ah, those memories. But oh the stories that are as yet unwritten. Just what lies around the next corner? Hmmm?

My but God does have a sense of humor. Baby on the way..yep, bout the end of February. God is filled with surprises. Didnt think I would be a father of a newborn at this point in my life. Getting excited and scared as the day draws closer. It just goes to show you that when you think you have everything planned out, God says, "uh, just a second...let me show you what I had in mind". Such is my world. Laughter, tears, suprises, joy,sorrow, angst and peace....sounds like life doesnt it? Celebrate you, celebrate the ones you love, celebrate this moment.


Friday, June 01, 2007

And so life goes on,

At a steady pace, with flurries of activity and scattered showers of measureable progress. But what is progress when you are charged with the "Soul Care" of a flock? Is it in the ah-ha moments during Bible Study when someone presents the text in such a simple way that a child could understand it (or even a seminary student)? Or is it the tears that fall at funerals when you are called to express hope in the midst of the seemingly insourmountable evidence of hopelessness? Perhaps it is those times when someone says, "we sure are glad you are here" and you can't for the life of you understand what you have done to affect anything. It might be that in the Pastoral role that progress cannot be measured, but rather like the breath of the spirit it blows where it will. We cannot know, but only believe. My thoughts go out to the new batch of seminary graduates. God bless you wherever the spirit may send you. Be at peace, God has you covered.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well, I guess this means I've made it.

Im in a small church as their pastor. Im happy to be here thats for certain. Now comes the question-where do we go from here. Its a fine group of people..but they need spiritual direction and some visioning for the future. That is my task. First to build relationships and trust and then to help them become what God would have them be. I miss my community back at sem and the conversations that we had. Sometimes I would wish to go back there. Winter is right around the corner and the frost is on the gardens. Geese are flying south....but Im staying put this time. Huh, now there is a quandry for you...all this time when I was contantly moving, I wanted to stay put...now that I am "stayed", I sense the desire for wanderlust? Odd sort we humans. Peace to you all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

There's a chill

There's a chill to the morning air now, sunlight streaming across the water
Like Bruce said, "all the diamonds in the world, that mean anything to me"
Summer is waning, school will be starting up again..but not for me
For me its wedding, new vocation, moving (again) finding a church, waiting..
The waiting is difficult; it wears on you after awhile. You begin to question your direction, your purpose. I seek to remain faithful to whatever call God has in mind...but some days its really hard to do that. I cant complain....as I sit here sipping coffee next to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Blessings are being poured out day after day...now, all I have to do is learn how to live into them. Peace, y'all.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Like an old friend I come back to this blogspot...

Well, Ive graduated and now am awaiting call. Some classmates have accepted calls and some have even been ordained. I am very happy for them to "officially" begin their ministry. But if we think about it, when are we truly NOT ministering to someone. Its tough waiting for call. I know that it will come. In the meantime, Im doing pulpit supply, working part time in a restaurant, working a bit for a friend and hangin out on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and surrounding lakes. Not all bad. Still Im chomping at the bit for some sense of place, some sense of this is where I belong. Wedding plans are moving along well thanks to my beloved. She is so organized and into details, not one of my strong suits. She is enjoying all the planning and making arrangements and I am glad that makes her happy. It is very difficult being so far away from her still, but again, like everything else, its just temporary. I think the Buddhist has it right on this one; If we see everything as non-permanent, we can learn not to grasp at every whisp that comes our way. Peace, y'all.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hello world, or at least this tiny part of it...you ever feel like that? Like the world is sooo huge...so many people, so many hardships and tears, laughter and joys...and in the midst of this great big world..there you are...now, what are you going to do with your life?

As I near graduation and the end of this part of the journey, I look back on these four years and wonder..what does it all mean? And then it dawns on me...discerning that question never ends. Struggling with the unknowing of it all is as much a part of the journey as are the times when you think you have the answer.

Wisdom, such a fleeting giftA whisp of smoke, a glimpse, a scent,
slips thru your fingers as you reach for it
A treacherous path she blazes
And rewards only those who take the timeTo see it
for what its truly worth

peace out, y'all.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

If Sunday never ended

if Sunday never ended
I know just what id do
I'd spend more time in bed
holding you, listening to the rain
When worship was all over..
we would have supper on the stove
sitting on the sofa, reading something for fun
you are in the next room, singing some old hymn
the planets in their orbits, the world keeps spinning on
but we would hardly notice, lost in our own design
if Sunday never ended, i know just what id do